Planning permission has now been granted for 273 dwellings and 5.5 ha of employment land.  Preliminary works have commenced on site in preparation for construction getting underway.

Babergh District Council’s Planning Committee resolved to approve a planning application for 273 dwellings and 5.5 ha of employment land on 12th December 2022. A legal agreement is nearing completion and this will allow the planning permission to be released shortly.

The development includes 96 affordable units comprising rented and shared ownership tenures. Of the total number of dwellings across the site, 75% are 2-bed properties and the combined number of 2/3 bed properties is 75%.

The development proposals includes strong open space throughout the site including the ‘village green’ which runs through the centre of the site and extends over to the employment site to the east creating a high quality environment. The proposals provide interesting character areas with landmark buildings and excellent permeability is provided through the site and to the surrounding public right of way network. Improved, safe pedestrian connectivity to the town centre will be secured though a series of improvements to Tower Mill Lane and improvements to the local bus service will be provided through planning conditions and the s106 to encourage residents to use modes of transport other than private car.

Design improvements are provided through the use of a wide range of bricks, render and tiles and enhanced detailing is achieved through the introduction of such things as different coloured windows, brick plinths and banding, corbel details, stone cills and external glazing bars.

The proposals provide for increased sustainability measures across the site by improving carbon reductions from the 10% adopted policy requirement to 19% as required in the emerging Joint Local Plan policy which will be achieved by the provision of Photo Voltaic panels.

All on plot dwellings will be future proofed for EV charging as will the parking courts. Ultrafast broadband will also be available to all homes.

A comprehensive s106 provides a package of infrastructure benefits which in addition to the usual health, education and highways requirements will provide significant funding towards Sports facilities in Hadleigh including a substantial contribution towards a Neighbourhood Area of Play and off habitat mitigation.

The development contains two Phases. The first Phase in the north, Rose Manor, comprises our Premium Brand, Charles Church units while the second phase to the south will be the Persimmon house type.

Phase 2 – Artists impressions of the completed development