Out of Hours Contact Number for Pumping Station

Please use the below telephone number and reference for any pumping station issues outside of office hours

Tel: 01252513366

Ref: SC13844

Residents meeting

A residents meeting was held on Monday 27 March 2023 as a follow up to the meeting of 9 January 2023. The purpose of the meeting was to update residents on issues raised at the previous meeting and how they have been addressed.

The meeting was chaired by Councillor Sian Dawson. Arthur Charvonia (CEO) attended to represent Babergh District Council and Persimmon Homes were represented by Stacy Brett (Construction Director), Stuart McAdam (Head of Planning), Kerry Smith (Assistant Planner), Loredana Ochiu (Adoptions Engineer) and Scott Oakley (Site Manager). The meeting was well attended with approximately 18 residents in attendance.

The representatives from Persimmon Homes provided updates on how issues raised in the last meeting have been addressed and answered questions regarding the progress of the adoption of open space, roads, sewers and pumping station for Phase 1A. A brief update was given on the progress of the Phase 2 works (Rose Manor).

A full list of the points raised along with comments by Persimmon Homes and actions required/taken, along with an estimated timeframe for adoption of the roads and sewers can be found on the links below:

Adoption of Public Open Space (Phase 1a)

Persimmons legal team is currently in discussion with Babergh District Council’s solicitors about the final transfer of the Public Open Space. The transfer will take place following completion of the outstanding works (as outlined in the table below) and as soon as the commuted sum is agreed.  The transfer is expected to take place towards the end of March 2023.

Roads and Sewers – Weavers Meadow Phase 1

The pump station is subject of an upgrade which has been instructed.  There is a 12 week manufacturing period and a 4 week installation period.  The 4 week installation date is to be confirmed.  Following installation there will be a 6 month maintenance/monitoring period to ensure that the pump is operating properly.

The roads and sewers will be adopted following the 6 month maintenance period. We are hopeful that the adoption can proceed in early 2024.

Rose Manor

The Charles Church Rose Manor development has now launched, please see the link below for more information on the homes for sale on this phase of the development.

Rose Manor, New Build Houses For Sale in Suffolk, IP7 6LA | Charles Church

Community Champions

Persimmon Homes Community Champions funding scheme makes donations of up to £1,000 every month to good causes helping to make life better for people living in the communities where we build. We invite local charities, sports clubs, schools and voluntary organisations to apply by completing a simple online form.

Persimmon Community Champions (persimmonhomes.com)